What type of shelter are you looking for? (choose the best answer for your current situation)

Where Can I Go For Help
Emergency Shelters
Emergency shelters are available for brief stays during extreme weather events. The Samaritan Inn doesn't currently provide emergency shelter, but these shelters may.
Emergency Shelters
Transitional Programs
Transitional programs, such as The Samaritan Inn, are a place to work from homelessness to independence.
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Youth Housing
If you are homeless and under 18 years of age these shelters may be able to house you.
Youth Shelters
Domestic Abuse Shelters
If you are living in fear of violence at home, these shelters provide housing and assistance.
Domestic Abuse Shelters
Substance Abuse Recovery
Substance abuse recovery is a specialized need that the Samaritan Inn is not equipped to handle. However, these organizations may be able to assist.
Substance Abuse Recovery Organizations
Veteran Housing
Specializing in the veteran population, these organizations focus their support on those who have served in our country's millitary.
Pregnancy Housing
If you are pregnant, these programs provide specialized support.
Pregnancy Service Organizations
Ex-Offenders Transitional Living
You may need specialized transitional programs for people who have served sentences for criminal convictions.
Ex-Offender Transitional Living Organizations
Senior Housing
Senior housing is meant for residents over 55 years of age.

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