The Village

This picture shows the complete design of the new Samaritan Inn Village. The complete project is not expected to be finished for nearly 10 years. Our Phase 1 focus is in getting the new shelter built, along with the pavilion, which includes the cafeteria, classrooms, living room, reception, and more!

Family Building

Our family residential building serves up to 50 families. The residential living building includes private rooms for our residents, fully-furnished with on-suite bathrooms.

Pavilion Building

Our pavilion is a gathering place for our residents and a welcome center for those seeking the assistance they need to get back on their feet. Our dining hall, worship space, and main lobby are all located in our Pavilion Building.

We're Not Done Growing

While we're excited about the facility and our ability to provide even more services and support to the homeless in Collin County, we aren't done growing. Click on our logo to see how you can support this mission!